Every Sunday after the Worship Service, about 11:15 am the children get to go to their own church service. There are Bible stories and fun activities for the kids...all the usual Sunday-School-Type of things.  But we also make time for prayer and let the children make their own prayer requests.  It's amazing how the tender hearts of these little ones so often see the real problems facing families today and how often God will answer the sincere, tender, heart-felt prayer of a child. Our children are so very important and we take the time to minister to and listen to them at New Life.


   We currently have a nursery class for children that are 2 years old to 4 years old and a children's church class for ages 5 years old to 10 years old.

Children's Church


The Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge is an Assembly of God program that raises funds to help missionaries.  Childen bring pennies, dimes, quarters, etc.. Every cent that is donated is used to purchase vechicles, technology and many other items to help A/G missions workers spread the Good News of Jesus Christ.  Offerings are given each Sunday.

Easter Kids